I wonder…

I wonder … if they know

about Corona

Virus that is

The little ones that hop about on

spindly legs and merrily dodge the

white rippled waves

As they come in to greet them. Their wings happily tucked in and yet moving as freely as they’d like

When they like

They chirp occasionally

without restraint

Without a limit of any kind

The sun shines on us both

But the differences are clear

He gets to stay out here and

I have to go inside.

Copyright E.Henry, 2020.

I was out for my daily short walk by my flat, which I am very grateful is so close to the sea front, when I decided to stop and notice the little birds hopping over the sand and waves. We have become very accustomed to the freedom to go where we like, when we like and perhaps this whole pandemic will help us (myself included) to be more grateful for that freedom.

Have to say though that I was so thankful to actually get inside as the wind would have cut you in two!

Stay safe! Stay home!

Emily x

A Lament for World Poetry Day…


It’s World Poetry Day. Poetry has long been seen as flowery language expressing trite sentiments that have little to do with the reality of everyday life. Sentiments that only the elite have time to write…

However, one of the reasons I began writing poetry was because I was inspired by the ‘down in the trenches’ horrors of war that Wilfred Owen describes without fear of upsetting his readers. He wrote as it was – the reality of what he saw before him. Unapologetically.

Today I am reminded of this as I write a lament in the midst of what can only be described as unprecedented times. Times we never saw coming. A host of feelings thrown into the reality that things most likely won’t be the same again.

Lately, I have been very much encouraged by Rend Collective and their call to choose to worship especially when it’s hard and you don’t feel anything.

So with that in mind I wrote a lament.

Even Today

O Lord,

I pour out my lament. To you.
I am overwhelmed.
This world just got a whole lot
And I don’t know what to do.
I need you.
We need you.
We all do
But the majority of folks don’t accept this
They say things that are empty and unfounded like-
WE will get through this.
WE can.
WE must.
And while it’s true that we should still stick together (at a distance!)
That’s NOT all that will weather
this storm.
There is a warning –
People fail us. there have been those who have lost our trust. Those who let fear get the best of them, stockpiling up and leaving others with out the ‘musts’.
So much is uncertain. So much is unclear.
So much is unknown. So much up in the air.
I think of all those in isolation-
Myself included-
And worry about our mental health and if there’s a solution.
I worry, in addition, about an increase in sin and crime
Of pornography and domestic abuse and the devil working overtime.
I worry that the finances are not secure and that I and others will need to ‘sign on’ and perhaps endure hard times ahead.
Yes I feel overwhelmed, God.
like when David cried out to you in the valley
I will lift up my eyes and say:
My times are in your hands.
Blessed be your name
Even today.
Copyright E. Henry, 2020

Above All

9DE331C8-0506-43D6-A6C5-4AE810614507Above All

The world has changed
For an unknown period of time
We, who imagined we were in control, have recently received a nasty shock
-we’re not.
We, who assumed we’re immune
Have realised we may be in lock down til June …
Or beyond…
And we push
We panic.
We rush around
In a manic flurry.
To then be sitting ducks.
Control it seems has slipped through our fingers, as we wash our hands. I’m reminded that the sand in the timer is also slipping through
The glass
And so best to put my trust in something/
Someone who will last
Past these days of uncertainty and change
He never fails
He stays the same.
Above all.

Copyright E.Henry, March 2020.

I haven’t uploaded anything for a long while because I haven’t really written much in a long while. This being a ‘sitting duck’ and added to the fact that it’s World Poetry Day on Saturday I want to get back into the habit of writing regularly. It’s one of my many loves.

The times are uncertain but He is not.  Keep trusting. Keep praying. Keep preferring the other. 

Emily xx


Waiting Room

Check out the YouTube recording of this poem…
YouTube “Waiting Room”

Perhaps, just perhaps, you are where I am.


You certainly have been at some point, I’m sure.

It’s not an easy place to be. You feel like

there are uncertainties and you are eager

to move to place of familiarity.

Truth is experience and stuff can never give us the dependability we crave.

Our healing comes when trust solely on the

One who has put us together and has our

times in His hands.

Waiting Room

Life seems like it’s standing still

Yet impatient, as if fidgeting

Waiting for your name to be called forward

To go somewhere

-just not backwards

Or here, really!

Waiting for it to be your turn

To be ‘seen to’.

We are all too keen to move on!

To get checked out.

To be given the ‘all clear’,

So that the dear next to us knows we are ‘fine’.

The Doctor seems to take ages.

We anxiously look at our time – believing we could fit in a whole lot before tea!

We need to be next in line!

Unknown to us, but known to the Doc

He has us scheduled in,

And despite fidgeting against the clock

Our healing has begun.

Copyright E. Henry, 2019.

“No Exceptions”


You know when you get a song in your head and even when I can’t remember all the words it is constantly orbiting your mind?!

This week, I have had that with a very powerful song by Nichole Nordeman called “Dear Me”. I have thoroughly enjoyed Nichole’s songs since I was in college – songs like ‘Small Enough’ got through times of stressful deadlines and heartbreak.

Recently, I looked her music up again and have been blessed all over again. This song “Dear me” has spoken to me and the final line “Jesus loves us this I know and there are no exceptions” reminds me of a poem I wrote a while back which resonates with the heart of the song – the inseparable love of God.

Nichole, if you happen to read this – thank you!

But, ultimately, I’m thanking our God for the truth behind our words.

No Exceptions

I’m just going to accept it

Accept his love –

No exceptions.

I’m determined to accept the TRUTH

That He is crazy …

About me!

Lately, I’ve neglected it…


No exceptions.

I’ve been distracted

Been acting

As though He wasn’t near

As though He couldn’t hear

Or see the fear

And tears in my heart.

But He is and He has

He doesn’t pass by.

He doesn’t neglect me

He cares for me.

He takes me and

He lifts me … in love

With Him.

Yes He cares for me

But not out of ‘nice-ity’

But because He is crazy

About me!

No exceptions.

I’m not going to question it!

I’m not going to wonder and worry

And flurry around to make sure.

Just in case he doesn’t …

He does !

No exceptions.


But not by Emily.

Not in Emily’s strength or might.

Not in Emily’s capacity or sight.

Only in the sheer, all-encompassing love and DELIGHT He has and will always have

For me,


No exceptions.

Copyright E. Henry, 2015.

In Comparison

YouTube Video –

Inscriptions – “In Comparison”

I think I’m right in thinking that we all do it.

In Comparison

We are accomplished in comparison-

In comparing ourselves

to the person next to us,

On the bus

At home,

to the other people in the room,

our neighbour,

But most of all to the people we admire most.

They become our standard.

So that, essentially, we can boast about

Some element of life we find easy or successful…to fly through life

We have this vicious circle of ‘in comparison’ going on

Saying “oh yes I belong here because …

I have the job , house, car, holidays and a face not unlike the most recent movie star…

Too far

A comparison?

I don’t say that!

But we think it. We believe it.

We are aiming for it. Not just to fit in and ‘be normal’ but to be successful … and

Ultimately ?


In comparison

To the others who surround me on a daily basis.

But what if we changed our admiration to the One who is beyond comparison ?

Would we be so confident in our own

self worth?


I suggest we’d be so taken by the greatness of His Glory and Love for us, that we see ourselves as small

and, in awe,

bow the knee.

Copyright E. Henry, 2019.