God save the King?

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It wasn’t just them.

It was me.

It was you.


We were all there that day.

God save the King? 

They had been cared for

as a child is nurses by its mother.

They had seen first hand more than their fathers.

Deeds by no idols, no others.

It had been evidenced in miracles and signs

10 to be ‘exact’:

blood frogs, flies

to name a few

and they knew it.


He rescued them from their chains

led them out to desert plains

yet provided every need with enough.

Every tough battle that they won was because he was on their side.

‘I will fight for you’, he promised.

Not once did that word fail.




They asked for something they already had.

They wanted to be just like the nearby nations

They didn’t want God to save them.

They rejected him as king and decided to sing and chant for another …

a man…

who hid-Saul.


After years had passed there was another question asked …by them.

On a centre cross, among two thieves

was nailed a Man by his hands and feet … by them.

A sign

above his head that read:

Jesus the king of the Jews.

“He saved others and cannot save himself!

Ha!If he is truly King like he said then I’d never dread believe in him!”

And what then of my sin? 

If he came down, rejected the crown

and replaced it with a crown of gold

and thought that instead of grave so cold

and with the folded bands he left

he’d remove the nails from his wounded hands … what then?


God save the King?


That was not his cry.

He hung on that cross to die

for their

for my


He fought … while we stood still.

——— Copyright E. Henry, 2015

I find it incredible how God speaks through the pages of Old and New testaments… the same message – he loves, calls and pursues yet so often we reject, and even mock him.

When we see him nailed on that tree – what is our response?

Is he your king?

A Silly Example?


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The sun was out


a glorious, springy summerlike day

just that nip in the air to clarify the month – April not May

or June.

The daffodils, although past their best, brightened the path and kept me positive as I walked along.

My thoughts swirled around my head …

and then …

I saw him.

In the distance, a man bent double

holding his knees – not caring about the biting breeze

he held tight and then stood upright.

Breathing heavily.

He did this twice, three times, four?

I was coming closer.

He crossed over to the bus stop

heavy footed and heavy breathing and seemingly looking around to see if anyone could see –


I could.

I saw an elderly gentleman

who had been left alone and was a stone’s throw from me.

I crossed over – he had bent to his knees again

and I worried he would collapse on the street.

Excusing myself, I confessed to seeing him and wondered if he was distressed or if he was in pain of any kind?

I hoped he didn’t mind me saying.

Quite surprised, he explained he was indeed in pain but simply in his lower back and he put it down to age.

He thanked me though for stopping by and said it was so very kind to pause a moment and find out how to help … him.

Perhaps a silly example but true all the same.

I write it down to inspire us, rather than to blame –

we need to pause a little more, to notice our fellow sister, brother

even to confess to seeing one another!


Copyright E. Henry, 2019

Both blanket and Book

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Both blanket and Book

It’s gotten dark


And it’s howling


Howling down my chimney

Whistling through

As I nestle closer to my covers.

It was bright, brisk sunshine

Just a moment ago

Now cold and grey

And white with snowy


It came

On so abruptly

Not Spring but Winter

Grumpy weather

It is not my fave thing, Julie Andrews.


The thing that I crave now

Is a hot chocolate with marshmallows – but here’s the thing – it’s Lent, in Spring

Not Christmas in Winter so I’ll nestle closer into my covers –

both blanket and Book.


This poem was written having been inspired by the writing prompts here:

March Writing Prompts

I look forward to writing some more from these prompts! Thanks!

© E. Henry, 2019.

Anon Anniversary

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Turning the calendar page to March, I was struck by the fact that there was an anniversary I didn’t get to include this year.

Each of us (I think!) have had something or someone that promises a new phase in life and then seems to vanish before it really gets started.

This was my experience last year.

For me it was a relationship.

For you it may have been something different …

I’ve found it hard to communicate that kind of grief –

the shoulda, woulda kind of grief.

The grief of the would have beens.

Maybe some of you can relate.


Anon Anniversary

A year ago today

Something started

That didn’t stay around.

There’s no sounds

Of celebration for the one year non anniversary.

A mental note

Rather than a default on the calendar trajectory.

Feelings of a non event and yet so very much meant

To be significant.

Though brief, it was able to reach

Deep into

Places of hope

Long forgotten

Making the grief all the more

Common and uninteresting to the outsider.

A burning iron

Was impressed upon my heart

and the grief labelled:

“Anonymous… ”

So I start again.

A non anniversary –

What’s yours?

© E. Henry, 2019.

My Love and I

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I’m a bit of a romantic at heart… But I’ve definitely learnt a lesson or two over the years. One of the most surprising ones is that… God’s more of a romantic than me! (But with His perfect love)

My Love and I

My Love and I while down a while

And rest upon the mountain side

Where sheep and grasses dwell

I sleep at peace upon His chest

And know that it is well.

My Love and I drink water still

And restore our soul upon the hill

Where a River, needed, runs deep and wide

Twisting, turning, quenching thirst

Of those who there abide.

My Love and I walk hand in hand

In the paths narrow and straight and

Where He leads in righteousness

I know that this is for His sake

E’en in the shadow of death.

My love and I sit face to face

At His banqueting table placed

Where sinners eat redeemed above

We sing of the battle won and done

And there we serve our Love.

© E. Henry, 2019.

We love because he first loved us –

1 John 4:19


Planting place


Having read a blog recently by John Eli, I have been inspired to share a poem I wrote on a related topic – ‘improving the environment of the heart’ was how John so wonderfully put it.

The following poem was originally based on the Parable of the Sower, where Jesus likens soil to the condition of our hearts. He speaks of the need for the soil to be ‘good’ in that having our hearts turned towards Him and not letting the cares and distractions of this life rob us of the blessings of carrying out his word.

Planting Place

It’s hard … This ground

Feels like I can hear the sound

of the seeds fall

One by one…

The birds call

Threaten to swoop down and feed on

The shower scattered


It’s shallow… this land

Feels like it might be sand

That moves and creeks

Doesn’t keep you grounded

It seeks without heart steadfast

It doesn’t last


It’s riddled… This place

Riddled with weeds and thorns

No space to breathe


To trust, relax in the provision promised

Surrounded,  choked, constantly astounded and overwhelmed by outer influences… Growth stunted.


It’s good … This soil!

All of this, every inch of toil has been worth it!

It was ready to receive the pellets of potential in its fertile dirt

It was protective of the truth, yet kept seeking and trusting and resting

Yet working… Persevering

to the end.

And what a result!!

©E. Henry, 2019.



moon and stars
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As I drove into my driveway last night, I caught a glimpse of it.


It had been a colder night and so I was eager to get into the warmth of the house but in a split second, I decided.

I decided to savour.

To stop and breathe deep.

Dropping the unnecessary burden of my handbag and opening the back door to the relative safety of my fenced in garden,

I looked up.

And what a sight!

A lavish scattering of star dust to my small eye, and yet, up close, huge burning balls of gas!

Thankful for the thick coat and deep hood, while wrapped up in a scarf as big as a blanket, I inhaled the deliciously cold air and wondered at the cloudless canvas before me.

Orion with his belt and bow

Aries and Leo

And then my eyes captured the brightest star I’d ever seen…

Gleaming down on me.

Nearby, my neighbour opened his window for his evening smoke.

He saw me wonder at the dark but I kept looking up and doing dot to dot!

The moon shone in its half hearted smile and, honestly.. I felt alive!

Battling the contradictory-

The vast and the small

The Creator and the created

The Far away yet intimate,

I refused to go inside.

Waiting in the stillness of the night, my neighbour in the shadows and I in the night light.

He went inside.

The wind picked up and I turned to shelter myself.

Still again.

Hearing a whisper that warmed my heart,

I lifted my eyes one last time

and reluctantly…

went inside.