So for a while there I thought I wouldn’t get there but the packing has all happened and moving day has been and gone! The boxes reminded me of this poem from 2011 when I travelled to Tanzania for 2 years…


Suitcase, books, clothes, shoes

Check to see what needs removed.

Boxes, tape, labelled… ‘Fear!’

This is no small job

There’s a load to work through here!

Stacks, piles, heaps even

Hills of stuff that should have been dumped

Mounds, towers, shaking – unsteady!

This is a mammoth job and I’m not sure I’m ready!

I’m just me- small and faint

Not able on my own to pack away all my past and then paint right over it.

‘Look closely’ says a soft voice by the door

The One who says He’s gone before

‘Look closely and you will see

That I have made a way for thee

To live and breathe and have your being

To experience a love that’s freeing

Free from heavy baggage that weighs you down

Free because I bore the crown.


©E. Henry, 2018

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