Felling the forest

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Just in time for the end of National Poetry Day! (Thanks for the reminder, Andrew!)

OK, so I do want to make it very clear …

I am ABSOLUTELY against deforestation!


But this poem is just a picture to help me understand what Jesus has done for me… A picture of the soul.

This was written at my week away in Wales at The National Writing Centre there. A great week, with great people and great food!

Felling the forest

This is a strange thing yet in some way, like a thin thread, it points me to You.
We are all here to write and it seems we are grappling at straws
to find answers to the laws
of our nature.
We do not want to see our flaws
or maybe we see them all too well and want to fell them
like a tree
that falls
in a distant forest.
The problem is that very thing-
it is a forest of trees,
a forest of flaws
that seem to rise up again and again. Outsmarting us and reaching up so they can grow deep.

What can be done?

I could do the hard graft again and again I’d find another tree to make a mess or I could let them grow… To grow so high and deep that the light itself is blocked out.

The soil gives way and the trees are stirred and gradually they fall with a word.

A garden begins to appear.

Not a sound has come from my mouth but rather it is the utterance of the One who speaks and
It is so.

And what is this word He shows?

It is Love.

© E. Henry, 2018

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