Tuning in

analogue buttons design display

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

Tuning In

Radio usually annoys the life out of me.

They cut off the songs somewhat prematurely..

They chat about traffic, quizzes,the weather

Wondering who will sound most clever…

Just let the Artist sing His song!

Like in heaven.

The radio waves in the upper room

Traverse sweetly through

The dark and gloom of our lives and point to higher things.

They ruminate and always cut through the dull thoughts about traffic, quizzes, the weather, the next door envies to try to do better, family feuds and work trouble and trying to keep your head above water…

The list goes on and on

Come the radio waves of heaven.

They go deeper and lift us higher to praise

To the One who sings and is sung to.

© E. Henry, 2018.

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