Button Pressing


black microsoft xbox game controller
Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

Button Pressing 

Last year, I noticed that there are

buttons that are pressed

More often than not at times when I am Stressed…
Retracting from the Truth.

For me the buttons that I hear click down the most

Are that of fear
And pride.

Seemingly contradictory, they are actually the same.
They boast.

One quietly
By merely avoiding the help of Another while hiding
The other
Openly says it…

Meanwhile, the enemy stands back and chuckles in the shadows looking for the next hit.

Lust and vanity are two such places
He has been known to trip me up.

And in these cases
I think I’m learning.

Learning to listen to the still small voice
Who moves
Around these choices and whispers

“I love you”

Through the wind

“…he’s pressing your buttons
– don’t let him!”

©E. Henry, 2019.

What are your buttons?

Need some help with them this year? 

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