Both blanket and Book

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Both blanket and Book

It’s gotten dark


And it’s howling


Howling down my chimney

Whistling through

As I nestle closer to my covers.

It was bright, brisk sunshine

Just a moment ago

Now cold and grey

And white with snowy


It came

On so abruptly

Not Spring but Winter

Grumpy weather

It is not my fave thing, Julie Andrews.


The thing that I crave now

Is a hot chocolate with marshmallows – but here’s the thing – it’s Lent, in Spring

Not Christmas in Winter so I’ll nestle closer into my covers –

both blanket and Book.


This poem was written having been inspired by the writing prompts here:

March Writing Prompts

I look forward to writing some more from these prompts! Thanks!

© E. Henry, 2019.

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