Hi! I’m Emily and my first memories of poetry were reciting “when daddy fell into the pond” and “daffodils” to our principal when I was about 10! I don’t know if my mum enjoyed it but she taught me how to learn the poetry lines and annunciate the words- My memories of writing poetry in secondary (aside from the annual acrostic ‘Autumn’ poem) is probably an intense poem I wrote in first or second year called ‘Will we ever find peace?’ and then like so many writers I was quiet for a very long time, assuming that poetry was for a term during primary or secondary school.

I started writing again in my uni days. Honestly, my initial ‘etchings’ were due to my utter disappointment over a guy. And so out of a painful experience came the beauty of writing. And not just writing but writing honestly. Writing deeply. Sometimes it is very clear and neat and sometimes it’s a mess… A bit like life.

But no matter what,  I have come to realise that poetry is a heart thing. It is a bit raw at times. But it is also healing. For you and others.

And so I encourage you, writer, as you read to consider picking up that pencil again and to have a go!